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I must add your proactive role in managing my property is without doubt the best I've ever had and will not go without its rewards.
- Michael
Thanks so much for your wonderful management and support over the past 1.5yrs Maya. We have so appreciated your courteous, friendly and well-organised approach to property management.
- Naomi
I will definitely be recommending you to my friends, Maya. You have been amazing and couldn't have asked for more.
- Peta
I appreciate your work and efforts and forever grateful for the high standards of service that you continue to deliver in regards to managing my property.
- Michael
Thank you also for making the transition to Penny Riggs Property Management a smooth one and for the time you took to contact us personally.
- Mathieu
I wanted to thank Rachel for her professionalism and helpful approach and just being willing to go that extra mile which I have found through looking at properties is lacking from a lot of other agents who sometimes just don't even seem willing to have a conversation. It was very refreshing and greatly appreciated.
- Christine
Thank you Jane for an excellent routine inspection report. It is so much more in depth than our previous agents. We appreciate it and know our property is in great hands.
- George and Becs
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